Welcome to Squishii's Dumpspace, where I Squishii, dump things (And you look at them apparently)

-Update on HTML Knowledge: TBA-

Ultimate Goal for Site Layout: Somewhat Reminiscent of The Nick Jr. Webiste (Most Preferably, 2010s esque)

- Stuff I want to put on my site (no particular order, this is more of a bucket list)-

  • A subpage for showing off my art/making a portfolio for people looking to see my art [Link Made For A Specific Artwork Page, But I need to actually make the page and find some artwork I want on there]

  • [No reason to leave up personally, since page is technically supposed to be endless, and I have nothing new to add as of now]

I impulsively redesigned Bert, and now he has acsended to a gifhy pet (I've been meaning to add one to my site, and Bert doesn't really have anything else going on for him so...)

  • [10-3-2023] Bert ascends to the Ozwomp realm, and is officially listed as bigender

So I took a quiz to see what kind of magic would suit me, and I got glyph magic!

I found a bunch of cool graphics, so I'm going put them on my site. Nothing flashing, but a definite update to the credits page will be happening

I tried out pixel art, what do you think? Once I got comfortable with the pixel art app I was using, it actually felt about the same as drawing normally, aside from being more attentive to how certain pixels are placed.