So I used the incorrect quotes generator again. Here are the results I liked.

You're overdoing it Jordan

*The Squad is gathered in the living room for a meeting*
Cheyenne: *walks in and sits on Jordan’s lap*
The Squad:
Aaron: ¿Por qué estás sentado aquí?
Cheyenne: There’s no free seats!
Aaron: Pero nos aseguramos de que hubiera suficiente espacio para-
Jordan: *hugs Cheyenne tightly* There are no free seats.

The one illegal thing Aaron has done, since he's not a professional origami creator

Jordan: Aaron learned how to fold origami penguins from Cheyenne the other day. I told him, “I feel a little bad for the penguins, it’s hot here”, and the next day they put them in the fridge.

The friendship between Jordan and Aaron

Cheyenne: So, are you two friends?
Jordan: Yes.
Aaron: No.

Seriously Jordan, WTF

Jordan: We need a diversion. I say Aaron gets naked.
Cheyenne: No.
Jordan: I could get naked.
The squad: NO!!!

Jordan trying to not talk about her issues when someone asks

Jordan: If I can't cause tiny bits of chaos every day, I think my body will shut down.

Jordan trying not to talk about her issues when someone asks pt. 2

Jordan: What can therapy do for me that screaming on my motorcycle for 30 minutes can’t?

Cheyenne, you are definitely overthinking

Jordan: You’re overthinking this.
Cheyenne: You don’t know the appropriate level of thinking, Jordan. What if I’m underthinking?

Jordan got kidnapped apparently

Kidnapper: I have your partner.
Cheyenne: What? I don't have a partner...
Kidnapper: Then who just called me a lowlife bitch and spit in my face?
Cheyenne: Oh my god you have Jordan

Cheyenne, I promise, it's okay to be inferior sometimes

Jordan: Cheyenne has no survival skills, her need to win has replaced them.
Aaron: ¡Eso no puede ser verdad!
Jordan: Watch this.
Jordan: Hey Cheyenne, race you to the bottom of the stairs!
Cheyenne: *Throws herself out a window*

See what Jordan can do when she puts her mind to it?

Jordan: I can do anything I put my mind to. I once figured out Aaron's phone number just by choosing random numbers.:

An argument Jordan and Cheyenne had once

*Jordan is reading a Clifford The Big Red Dog book*
Cheyenne, watching: How did he get to be so big? Do they ever explain that?
Jordan: Well, Emily’s love for him grew, and so did he.
Cheyenne: Well, your dog is pretty small. Guess that says something about you, huh?
Jordan, angrily shutting their book: YOU’RE SMALL! WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOUR PARENTS?!?!

Jordan’s Plan

Jordan: So I got this amazing plan!
Aaron: Fallamos casi cada vez que dices eso.
Jordan: Well this is the same! But with a hamster involved.