Full name: Bo May Smith

Pronouns: Xe/Xem/Xer/Xers/Xerself

Gender: Agender (AFAB, if you care)

Age: 16 years old

Height: 6'4"

Personality Positives: Cheerful, Talkative, Altruistic

Personality Negatives: Impulsive, Altruism to the point of self-sabotage, Can be very hyperactive.

(So basically, xer first idea is to help you, and xe may become so focused on helping that xe gets xerself hurt in some way, i.e. almost fall into a sewer while carrying something large and heavy.)

Occupation: High School Student, One of the most consistent people in Capley Bay's Mutual Aid Network.

Disabilities: Bo is autistic.

-Details: Bo has hypersensitive hearing, hyposensitive touch and taste, and has issues feeling grounded in shoes. Bo has a special interest in pastel astethics, rabbits and rabbit care, and an in-universe show called Dizzi the Half-Ghost. Xe has a stuffed rabbit as a comfort object (xe doesn't carry it around much). A serious issue with Bo is that xe has an extremely hard time noticing when xe get injured, even if xe breaks a bone, unless xe either hears the injury happen, or someone tells xem.

Mental Disorder(s): PTSD

-Details: Bo is triggered by loud, banging noises, blood splatters/things that look like blood splatters, pictures of/extremely realistic art of firearms, going inside Al's Baked Goods (a bakery in Capley Bay) and news reports about a robbery of said bakery. If xe does end up dissociating, xe generally curls up, and starts breathing deeply, in an attempt at grounding xerself. The most prominent thing you will hear xem talk about if you ask is hearing some lines: "Bo get out of there!", "No! I can't let them hurt Mr. Al!", [Bang! Thud.], "Mr. Al! Mr. Al! Get up!", [Police Siren], "Why did I let that lady kill him?!" Bo has had years of therapy, and is currently taking medications. There have been some times where she's heard people talking about where the police were while dissociating, but it's not routine, and really was only frequent for a few months after the robbery.

Likes: Gaming, Dizzi the Half-Ghost, Volunteering and Helping out with mutual aid

Dislikes: Fireworks, Closed-toe shoes, giving to charities rather than mutual aid (in general, there are charities that xe will donate to if they're for causes xe is passionate about, and xe knows is not in any scandal, but it's not xer first choice), accidentally hurting people while trying to help them, not having anything to do, sitting still for long periods of time