*A placeholder for now (Damien is the middle aged guy with light brown skin, dark brown locs in a ponytail, a beard, a green jacket with the sleeves rolled up, and green goggles)*

Full Name: Damien Gerard Lloyd

Pronouns: Any/All

Gender: Currently Identifies as A Cis Male

So is he questioning or...: People have just called him "Ma'am" and used She/Her pronouns a couple of times, and he was just completely comfortable with it. Like he didn't even realize until someone yelled at said people. He's kind of questioning if he's really a guy, but he's pretty sure he's a guy, but not like 100% sure. It's a joke among him and friends that he doesn't have time for specific pronouns, he's a genius at work.

Height: 5'8"

Personality Positives: Quick-Thinking, Supportive, Cheerful

Personality Negatives: Disorganized, Can be Too Much of a Jokester,

Hobbies: Building Stuff (He has tried to make a jetpack multiple times, starting in high school, but it always either sets on fire or makes him fly out of of control)