Full Name: Hye-Jin Lee (Written as Lee Hye-Jin by family members)

Pronouns: She/Her

Gender: Cis Female

Height: 5'4"

Personality Positives: Quiet, Book Smart, Polite (not particularly kind, just polite)

Personality Negatives: Clingy, Easy to make feel powerless, Can Be Aloof

Occupation: High School Student

Disabilities: Hye-Jin's teachers are very sure that she is autistic

Despite this, neither Hye-Jin or her father, Dae-Hyun, belive that she is autistic

-I also just realized that I wrote her with astigmatism

(Through someone reblogging a reblog I made on tumblr telling her she needed a glucometer, and her not having diabetes. It was supposed to be a funny banter about her hyposensitive vision screwing her over when she didn't have her glasses, but then I realized after that reblog that I had accidentally written that into her.)

Mental Disorders: Hye-Jin has Gymnophobia [fear of nudity]

Details: Due to incidents with her mother as a young kid that Hye-Jin doesn't like to talk about, she is now extremely afraid to see herself naked, showing a lot of skin, and people touching her when she feels "exposed" (even when she knows the person touching her is doing it for medical reasons, or that person is herself)

Likes: Making her own clothes, cats and unique horror stories

Dislikes: Cheap and overused scares in movies, revealing clothes, goths gatekeeping other goths (aside from mall goths)