What is this Dora Franchise you speak of?

Dora the Explorer (DTE) and Dora and Friends Into The City (DAF:ITC) are shows that revolve around the titular character, Dora as she explores the world around her and helps others. Places she has been to range from realistic to actual fairytale worlds.


Both The Rainforest and Playa Verde seem to be filled to the brim with magic. You'll find anthropomorphs and talking animals, magicians who's tricks actually are real magic, and if you want to change the plot of Twilight, you could just hop right into the book if you are in The Rainforest. Meanwhile, Playa Verde is essentially a hub for inter-dimensional travel, as you'll find portals to Magic Land, Oprea Land, Doggyland, Baila, and likely many other alternate dimensions (hopefully with more creative naming).

So I Ended Up Watching The Reboot on Youtube:

And actually found myself laughing quite a bit. Especially in the musical forest episode, when the Fiesta Trio was trying to imitate their instruments, and any point where the characters just felt overdramatic for what the situation is. I overall enjoyed it, but kind of... want to make my own designs of the Marquez family, because so far, none have satisfied me outside the first iteration, especially Cole. Seriously, first in DTCOG, they cast a guy that's way lighter than him in DTE or DAF, then in this version, he's missing his musthase. (Why am I dying on this hill?).

You want to watch as well?

Lost Media

Before DAF:ITC, there was a 43 minute special called Dora’s First Concert, that was supposed to be the first episode of a show called Dora’s Explorer Girls (DEG), that was basically the same plot, but Dora, Kate, Emma, Alana, and Naiya were more fleshed out as character's (at least in my opinion). There was even a web page to go with it, but DEG never went beyond that and an ebook on the website, and got replaced by DAF:ITC, a show I still very clearly like, on a 'does this entertain me?' scale, but on a fleshing out/writing scale, I liked DEG better.

Fanwork I like

Dora The Exocrist by Dr Serr

Basically, Dora (now an in crsis high school graduate who apparently knows how to preform an exorcism) and Swiper (now an ex-con born again Christian) have to close the gates of hell. It's also one of the few good pieces of directly Christian art, at least in the modern day.

Dr Serr's full Playlist of the series.

Status: Canceled due to the main voice actors losing passion for the project.

TW: Heavy religious themes (Mostly exorcism and demonic possession, with an interpretation of the devil and hell), Blood, Wound/scar Depiction and Violence