Bomb Scene From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [With some slight alteration and translation from "I Am Groot" to human english]

Dasiy: Alright, first you flick this switch, then this swtich, that activates it. Then you push THIS button [points to button on the aduience's left], which will give you five minutes to get out of there.

[Isabella and Gullmeio nod]

Dasiy: Now whatever you do, don't push this button [Points to the button on the audience's right, which has a crack on it], because that will set off the bomb immediatetly, and we'll all be dead. Now, repeat back what I just said.

Isabella: We need to activate the bomb,

Dasiy: Uh-Huh

Isabella: The second lever sets the timer,

Dasiy: That's right.

Isabella: And this button activates the timer [points to the button with the crack].

Dasiy: NO! No that's the button that will kill everyone! Gullmeio, you try.

Gullmeio: We need to activate the bomb,

Dasiy: Mm-Hm

Gullmeio: The second lever sets the timer,

Dasiy: Uh-Huh

Gullmeio: And this button activates the timer [points to the button with the crack].

Dasiy: NO! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT ISABELLA JUST SAID, How is that even possible?! Which button is the button you're supposed to push? Point to it!

[Both Isabella and Gullmeio point to the death button]

Dasiy: NO!

Dora: Hey you're making them nervous!

Dasiy: Shut up and get me some tape! Does anybody have any tape out there? I want to put some tape on the death button.

Dora: I don't have any tape! Let me check!

[Dora runs out to find tape]

Dora: Hey Papa! Do you have any- [Something blasts her] Do you have any tape? [Something else blasts her] Oh-huh-huh-ho!

[Cole shakes his head]

Dora: Mama! You have any tape? Cinta!

[Elena says no]

Dora: Oh, never mind [Explosion] Uh! Ow!

Dora: Diego! Do you have any tape? [Avoids another explosion]

[Diego asks if scotch tape would work?]

Dora: Yeah! Scotch tape would work!

[He doesn't have scotch tape]

Dora: Then why did you ask if scotch tape would work if you don't have any?!

[She comes back]

Dora: Nobody has any tape!

Dasiy: Not a single person has tape?!

Dora: Nope.

Dasiy: Did you ask your aunt and uncle on your mother's side?

Dora: ...Yes.

Dasiy: Are you sure?

Dora: I asked papa and they were right next to him!

Dasiy: I knew you were lying!


The 'aunt and uncle' I'm referring to are those two background chracters whenever Dora's entire extended family is visiting.


The Gumball Makes Meatloaf Scene (From "The Downer")

[Dora walks into the kitchen, her feet squeaking on the floor]

Dora [As she is walking in]: Ugh, maybe food will fill the gap in my soul.

Dora [Slamming a cookbook onto the counter]: "Happy Recipes"

[She turns to a meatloaf recipe]

Dora: Meatloaf for a family of five. [She looks at the screen] That's comfort food, right?

Dora: Okay, first chop the onion, but be careful, onions can make you cry [Laughs, then suddenly takes on an angry tone and a monotone face] UNLESS YOU MAKE THEM CRY FIRST!

Dora: [Attemps to karate chop the onion] YAH [The onion hits her in the face] OHH! [She falls to the ground, out of our sight]

Dora: [Comes up and awkwardly puts the onion into the likely ungreased baking dish] Hmm.

Dora: Now you'll need some meat and breadcrumbs. I don't have any meat [she begins to mash an entire loaf of bread with a rolling pin] so I guess I'll just double up on the old breadcrumbs. [She pours the breadcrumbs into the baking dish] It can be a loaf loaf.

Dora: Next, one egg. [Drops an egg into the baking dish]

Dora: And finally, some fresh mint. [She squeezes fresh mint flavored toothpaste into the baking dish.]

Dora: What a breeze. It couldn't be easier. Just put it in the oven for an hour and your family will love it. [Realizes] Oh yeah, they're gone. [Becomes angry-toned and monotone-faced again] Yeah well who needs them anyway?!