A Rocky Impact! by Squishii Fishrose

Nevermind, I'm just rewriting this. It is still a WIP.

[Dramatic(ish) Music Plays as Pablo and Alana are Still Trying to Turn The Wheel Away from The Rock]

Pablo [Straning, There's a vein forming on his head]: ¿Por qué no gira esta rueda?!

Alana [Also Straning, veins are also appearing on her head]: I don't know? Dora! ¿Dónde está nuestro amigo?

Dora [Looking Around]: ¡No lo sé! But they definitely aren't...

[Camera cuts to where the viewer would've been, had they not turned off the tv]

Dora [To the non-exsistant viewer]: What?! Why are they gone?!

Pablo and Alana: [They pull the wheel so hard that it breaks off] Uh oh..

[Camera cuts to the giant rock]